Top 5 Benefits of Purchasing Original Artwork

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Benefits of purchasing original artwork…..Do you find yourself looking at your home and not loving what you see? Do you feel like your home design isn’t a true expression of who you are? Are you sometimes bored with the atmosphere of your house? Then you need some artwork!

While you could hop over to IKEA and buy one of their 100 pre-made art prints (They will not last), I want you to take a moment and consider these 5 benefits of buying original artwork, and how it can transform your space!

Original Artwork is One of a Kind

Buying original artwork guarantees that what you have on your walls will be one of a kind! Even if this artist has created another piece like it, it will never be exactly the same as the one you have, which is pretty special!

This will give you major ~coolness points~ with your guests. Art is an immediate conversation starter, and when you tell them you purchased this one of a kind piece from an Australian artist you love, you’ll immediately become the coolest person in the room.

There is Always a Chance it Will Increase in Value

Unlike prints or other manufactured artwork, original paintings often increase in value over time. Let’s say you buy a piece from this hip, up-and-coming artist you like. As their career grows, the value of your original artwork will grow with it!

Think about it almost as investing in this person. By buying an original piece from an artist you are not only saying, “Hey, I think this painting you made is pretty cool”, but also, “Hey, I think you’re a talented person and you will do great things!” And when they do, you get to directly benefit from it! Can’t say the same about Target or Kmart.

You’re Getting a Higher Quality Piece

It goes without saying that the quality of original artwork will undoubtedly be higher than that of a manufactured piece. You can take pride in buying original paintings because you know your money is going towards something of value, that is truly worth the price.

In addition, original artwork, if hung and stored properly, will last a lot longer than a print you can buy anywhere online. Purchasing good quality work like this will give you something you can keep for a lifetime knowing it will stay as beautiful and striking as the day you bought it.

You’re Supporting Artists

Obviously, Artists would not be able to do what they do without loyal customers buying their work. I’m sure you can imagine a world without art, and boy oh boy what a boring place that would be!

Just as movies need people to go see them and books need people to read them, visual art needs people to enjoy it to survive! By purchasing original artwork, you are not only supporting the individual artist but the future of the visual arts industry. Doesn’t that feel good?

You Can Express Yourself Through the Art You Buy

With how unique and interesting original paintings are, it is easy to find a piece that truly speaks to you. This is extremely beneficial because not only will you enjoy it more, but your guests will get to learn a little bit about you just from viewing the artwork you hang in your home!

Original artwork, of course, reflects the thoughts and feelings of the artist, but it also is open to interpretation! That’s what’s so awesome about art! How you view the artwork and the message you choose to take from it has a huge impact on the overall meaning of the piece.

Check out some of Chris’s original artworks here.

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