How to Commission Artwork (And Why It’s Awesome!)

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Searching for the perfect piece of art to hang in your home is no easy task! Even if you’ve found an artist you love, sometimes they don’t have the exact painting you’re looking for. Enter the beautiful world of Commissioned Artwork.

What does Commissioning Art Mean?

Commissioned artwork is created by an artist based off of a client’s specific request. Instead of buying a piece that is already made and ready to go, the client gets to become a part of the creation process. This allows for a more individualized and custom painting

Why Would I Commission Artwork?

The main reason people commission artwork is because they have an idea in mind that doesn’t already exist. For example, you love a certain artist’s style, but were determined to find a painting of butterflies and they don’t have one available. Commissioned artwork can also be great if you are on a budget because you can directly discuss this with the artist. They may be able to create a painting similar to one they’ve already made, but in a smaller size, lowering the price.

How to Commission Artwork from Chris Riley

Chris Riley is extremely familiar with commissioning work. With a vast portfolio of commissioned pieces, he is ready to work with you to create your dream painting. Check out some of his past works to see the amazing paintings customers have commissioned Chris to create for them! Think you might want to join the fun? Here is a step by step process on how to commission artwork from Chris Riley

Step 1: Contact with your enquiry.

This can be done through Chris’s online form, email, or phone. You can even book a time to visit Chris’s studio and talk with him directly! For an easy and speedy process, be as specific as possible! Make sure to mention size, colours, subject matter, budget, and timeframe when making your request.

Step 2: Getting a Quote

Once you have given Chris your request, he will provide a quote for the artwork. This will include price and a predicted timeframe to complete the painting. In addition, he will give you digital mock-ups of the piece to ensure that you will be satisfied with the final result. If you don’t like something, speak up now! It is much easier to change a mock-up than a painting.

Step 3: Accepting the Quote.

Accept the quote once you have received a price and digital mock-up that you are happy with. There will be a $200 deposit at this time, sometimes the deposit will be slightly more depending on the size of the canvas but generally the deposit is only $200. This covers any initial costs in creating the painting like materials and time spent on the work. Once Chris receives your deposit, he will begin creating your masterpiece!

Step 4: The Painter Paints

This is the annoying part where you must anxiously wait for Chris to complete your painting. Don’t worry, it will all be worth it!

Step 5: Final Approval

Chris will send you photos for your final approval of the painting. This is the time to mention any small adjustments or additions you would like before he finishes your commissioned painting.

Step 6: The Commissioned Artwork is Complete!

Based on your final approval, Chris will complete your piece! Once you have paid the remaining amount, he will organise shipping and send it your way. You can finally see your beautiful painting in person!

Book a meeting with Chris or send him a message. To get your commissioned artwork started!

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