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Chris Riley

The Man Behind The Brush

My journey began back in 2017 when my wife jokingly told me to paint the perfect artwork that we had been searching weeks for, a few days later I had it painted and up on the wall! After a few weeks of positive responses from friends and family thats when Chris Riley Art began! I started out painting just about anything which led me to find what I really enjoy painting which is florals and wildlife. I started painting as a full time artist in December 2018.

Before becoming an artist I was a tradie.I have never had any art training. I am fully self taught.

Commission an original artwork

There is nothing more special than an original artwork in your home or office and you don’t need tens of thousands of dollars to commission a piece like no other. Contact Brisbane artist Chris Riley to discuss a unique painting to hang on your wall. Original commissions can be portraits, landscapes, still lifes or abstract, and can be in colour or black and white. They can be commissioned from a photograph or based on a concept you have in mind. Commission an original artwork to commemorate a special memory or occasion, or to give as an extra special gift. You’ll find Chris to be personable and friendly throughout the process of creating your one of a kind painting.

Chris Riley

Brisbane Artist

From the automotive to the art world…

Although I have always enjoyed painting, it wasn’t until my wife encouraged me to create a piece for our home that I considered it as a career. A few years ago, I was employed as an automotive spray painter. After friends and family admired my first creation, I realised art was something I wanted to pursue full time. Now, instead of painting cars, my days are spent in the studio, working on original artworks and commissioned pieces. Being fully self-taught means I can rely on my own individual style and do things ‘my way’. The result is original Australian artwork which is rapidly developing its own fanbase. Browse my collection to purchase a print or original artwork, or contact me for a one-of-a-kind commission.